The Arne Vodder Chair – A remake of a classic

Arne Vodder (1926 –2009) was one of the most influential Danish architects and furniture designers in the 20th century. A sense of detail, modest expression and fondness for natural materials characterised Vodder’s designs. From trained cabinetmaker to architect Arne Vodder trained as a cabinetmaker in the 1940s with cabinetmaker Niels Vodder at the School of Interior Design. He later entered the Royal Academy of Arts, where he studied to become an architect and was taught by Finn Juhl, who later became a close friend and collaborator.

Relaunch of the AV Chair – EJ 230 Arne Vodder’s designs were often produced from natural materials. The AV chaise longue chair was the first item of furniture he designed with a full metal frame. Arne Vodder had extensively researched the material before deciding to produce the frame of the chair in matt steel. It was presented for the first time during the annual furniture fair in Copenhagen in 1972. Now Erik Jørgensen is relaunching the chair in close cooperation with Arne Vodder’s family.


“My dad was really proud of the chair, and for many years it had a prominent spot in our living room,” says Michael Vodder, Arne Vodder’s son, and he continues: “When I was a child I dreamt of one day having this chair in my own home – that is now possible.”

The chair used a material that was brand new at the time, a synthetic material called Ironside. What made that specific material so unique was its durability; it was very hard wearing. Furthermore, the chair was covered in a very soft and luxurious leather, which is the version that Erik Jørgensen is reviving.

Just like Arne Vodder’s other designs, the AV Chair – EJ 230 chaise longue was designed with a passion for detail. The moulded frame in matt metal enhances the beautiful shape of the chair, which follows the shape of your body naturally. A good design for Arne Vodder had to be both useable as well as aesthetically beautiful. A chair should be comfortable to sit in.

“When it comes to the form, it is important to me that the design is beautiful to look at – with curves and organic shapes. The quality should be considered thoroughly and the product should not look massproduced but you should be able to see the craftsmanship behind it. The design should be organic, aesthetic and beautifully executed,” explained Arne Vodder in an interview in 2009.


Press Release 2016 Erik Joergensen


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